Eco Council

The Eco Council Mission Statement

The eco council wants everyone to keep the school litter free, to save electricity and to recycle more.

This was written by the members of the Eco Council in September 2014.

Eco Council

Walk Once a Week.

This year we are continuing the WOW scheme (Walk Once a Week) which encourages children to try to walk to school at least once a week.

Every child who does this will receive a badge at the end of each month and the class with the most children who walk receive a trophy to keep in their classroom for a month.

Switch off Fortnight

In November we are taking part in Switch off Fortnight. There will be a competition for the children to enter and the Eco Council will choose the winner.

Hedgehog homes

The Eco Council made a hedgehog home on November 15th and put it in a quiet area in the KS2 prayer garden.They found leaves, twigs and grass to put inside to keep the hedgehog cosy. They looked at the hedgehog home photos sent into school by some children who had made one at home. The Eco Council decided to give all the children who entered a certificate.












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