Year 2 2019 - 2020

Mrs Dunn

Home Learning in Year 2

During this period of closure I will be logging online daily to read emails from parents sent to the school email address if you have learning concerns, I will be setting new daily work and challenges and will be completing wellfare phone calls home to see how you are getting on with learning.If you have any questions about your child's work, please email school and I will respond to you with suggestions and ideas to help if I can. 

Firstly though, please do not worry about having completed a certain amount or having it ready to return to school. I can see on my maths and Purple Mash who has logged in and their work. I am happy for you to make a folder or booklet of your child's work they have done over the closure period but there is no expectation to and do not place undue stress on yourself at this time. All children have the CGP homework books with them and we have already sent out log ins for My Maths and the Purple Mash Website. 

I will also post links below of useful websites as well as home learning and screen free ideas!


We have been practising analogue (Clock hands not digital) time to 15 minutes - Some children have even had a go at 5 minute intervals to dealing with the tricky minutes past /minutes to - You can always practise this at home and set challenges - It is Quarter Past 5 now, what time will it be in 30 minutes? 

Numbers to 100 - Sums for addition and subtraction. Good old fashioned sums on a page!! 

Times Tables - x 2, x 3, x5 , x10 and divisions as well e.g 33 divide by 3 = 11      90 divided by 10 = 9

Measuring - Practcal maths e.g How many litres, grams, centimetres and metres something is - Get hands on in the tool shed or kitchen!

Ideas are on this website with telling the time ideas and activities


Reading is the biggest priority and read as much as you can with your child both to them and ask them to read to you. Send time listening to them, talk about what unfamiliar words mean, predict what might happen, what would you do if you were in the story. Make up your own stories and adventures too.

Writing practise, maybe write a diary, a story that you all add bits to as a family, write a couple of lines each and see what happens! Write letters to people in your family and take a photo and email them or walk to the postbox and send to them - I'm sure it would make their day - I'd love to see you doing this. 

RWI Phonics

We're streaming short Speed Sounds lessons for children to watch at home every weekday on our YouTube channel.

The schedule for the lessons can be found in the download section on this page.

    • Set 2 Speed Sounds 10.00 am - for children that can read Set 1 Speed Sounds and for children in Year 1 and 2

    • Set 3 Speed Sounds 10.30 am - for children in Year 1 and 2 that can read Set 2 Speed Sounds

Link to speed sounds and poetry

Films for parents (please click to take you to the Ruth Miskin page, use the arrow to load more videos)

Films for parents to help their child learn to read at home with Read Write Inc.

Home Learning

  • Arts and Crafts - Easter Gardens, Spring Scenes to brighten up your house, Paintings of places you love to go 
  • Playdough – You can make this at home very easily with a bit of flour!
  • Baking cakes and biscuits - Delicious! 
  • Sticker books
  • Learn to fasten laces or fasten coats and ties - A huge help for in Y3
  • Board games and card games as a family - My favourite is Snakes & Ladders or Hungry Hippos!
  • Learn to cook a meal together or make a sandwich, how to make a fruit salad or homemade pizza!!
  • Nature Walks or a scavenger hunt in the garden - Fresh air is the best for body, soul and mind. Take a photo of what you have found, signs of Spring & Summer. Can you see any animal habitats?
  • Gardening and Planting - Perfect timing to get outside, learn to help with mowing the lawn, planting flowers and de-weeding flowers or bushes. Get mucky!
  • Wash the car, clean the windows, paint the shed - Do some hands on jobs that teach life skills

School Learning Portals

My Maths is a source of Maths games and activities - Click on Y1 or Y2 activities and any of these will be suitable for use. Teachers see a different page to pupils so it is a bit tricky for me to see what you see - But when you have completed an online task I can see it!

Purple Mash - Access this through the school website 

I will set 2dos for the pupils - I will not set too many at once but I will keep updating them with different ones.


Online Learning Links  - An invaluable resources with powerpoints, games, printable worksheets and activities for all ages across the school. *Free Membership*





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“Together as God’s children we will, love, learn, grow, inspire, Let your light shine”.


  • To work together with families as the first educators of their children.
  • To create a happy Roman Catholic atmosphere in which everyone can develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, morally and physically.
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