Our visit to Cheshire Reindeer Lodge

Date: 5th Dec 2015 @ 8:21am

Yesterday, we had the best day ever! We visited Father Christmas at his reindeer lodge in Cheshire. We had an amazing time. First, we had our lunch in the local village hall where we listened to Christmas music, danced and played games. It was lots of fun but we couldn't wait to see Father Christmas.

At 12.30pm we left the hall and crossed over the road to the lodge where we were met by some real life elves! They were dressed in green tunics and white and red striped socks. On their heads, they wore little green hats with bells on. The elves welcomed us to the lodge and immediately took us through the Christmas Tree forest where we chose a special Christmas Tree for our class room. There were so many to choose from, big ones, small ones, wide ones and spikey ones.

After we had chosen our tree, we headed into the lodge where we met two more elves Bernard and Trixie. They were having an argument about who was the chief elf. Trixie was very upset because she wasn't very good at any of the jobs Father Christmas gave her. When washing his socks, she shrunk them, discoloured them and ripped them. We helped Trixie to remember the Christmas lists of different children and the she made it snow! Suddenly Father Christmas appeared. He was so pleased with us for helping Trixie he said we all deserved a present for being very good. In turn, we were allowed to meet Father Christmas and he gave us a very special gift and showed us his secret grotto.

Next, the elves took us back out into the courtyard and showed us Father Christmas's reindeer. The elves showed us how to feed the reindeer and then we took turns to feed them some of their favourite food. They were so cute and friendly; they even let us stoke them. We learnt lots about the reindeers and found out that their antlers fall off every year because they get too big and heavy.

Finally, it was time to go home. We had had such an amazing day!

ISLA wrote:

i like the reindeers.

Mrs Brierley wrote:

Thank you Year 1 for letting me come on your trip to the Reindeer Lodge! I had a lovely day!

Terri Greatbanks wrote:

Looks like you all had lots of fun! x

Collette Henning dempsey wrote:

Fab pictures, Harry really enjoyed the day xx

Deacon's mum wrote:

Looks like you all had a fantastic day!!

DARCI wrote:


Henry's Daddy wrote:

Looks great!.. looks like everyone had a lovely day.

Georges mum wrote:

Fantastic day out 🎄🎁👏

Erin wrote:

I enjoyed it

Erin wrote:

I liked the rainderes♥♥♥
Thank you for taking us there.
I loved it.

Erins sister Lily wrote:

Erins enjoyed it‼♥♠♠♠♠♠♥▪▪▪❇❇❇♥

EVIE wrote:


evie wrote:

Thankyou I really enjoyed the raindeers. Thanks for taking us Miss Wolloff


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