Mission Statement

"Together as God’s children we will, inspire, love, learn, grow, Let your light shine”.

St Joseph The Worker School acknowledges that Religious Education is a lifelong process and recognise that the primary years are significant in the lasting impression they make upon our children. Religious Education in school is concerned with children understanding mankind’s search for meaning, value and purpose in life. The religions of the world are classic expressions of this search and, for many people, provide the context within which the experience is to be understood. Through his or her understanding of this search, the child is helped towards a deeper awareness of their identity enabling him/her to grow and develop freely in a world of divergent beliefs and values. Education is concerned with the development of understanding. Religious Education is concerned with the development of the understanding of religion as a significant area of human experience. "Understanding” is used in a wide sense, being concerned with feeling and empathetic insight as well as an intellectual grasp of certain information. Thechild is not simply learning about religion, they are learning from it.

Our School Prayer
Dear St Joseph The Worker,
This is our School.
Let peace dwell here.
Let the rooms be full of happiness.
Let love be here,
Love of one another,
Love of life itself.
And love of God.
Let us remember,
That as many hands build a house,
So many hearts make a school.


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