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Music Awards

At St.Joseph the Worker 'Music' plays an important part in the life of the school. In 2019 we were awarded "The Music Mark" The school continues to enjoy singing and Key Stage 2 practise singing together every Wednesday afternoon, whilst Key Stage 1 practise every Monday afternoon.  The Early Years are visited by Mrs Royle who accompanies the children's singing on the piano. 

Music Curriculum

All classes are taught music and the school follows the 'Music Express' scheme of work. 

It is our aim that music is taught in a fun and exciting way, where children have access to a wide range of musical instruments and the opportunity to play an instrument in every lesson where possible.  

In the autumn term year 1 learnt about beat and rhythm and how to use body percussion to make sounds. They used a selection of percussion instruments during their lessons including the Bamboo Tamboos. Currently, the the spring term, year 1 are learning about pitch and to identify low, middle and high sounds.  

Also in the autumn term, year 4 had whole class tuition in the recorder and progressed well with this.  Each child was provided with a recorder and the children learnt to play the notes A, D and G, including idenitfying the notes in written music.

Year 3 learnt how to play instruments as a whole class orchestra and were able to keep a regular beat and explore different rhythmic patterns through improvisation. 


Instrumental Lessons

Keyboard Club and Guitar Club take place every Tuesday after school.  If your child would like to learn one of these instruments then please let Mrs Royle or Mrs Curran know.

Lessons must be paid for half termly and in advance.  If your child is in Years 3,4,5 or 6 and is interested in learning an instrument please contact the school office - Mrs Brierley or Mrs Royle.

If your child does decide to learn an instrument then they will require time and above all else patience!  Instruments take a long time to learn and in order to get better, lots of practice is required.  Half an hour a day is a good amount of time to keep up new skills that have been learnt in lessons.  With practice your child will see improvements  - remember practice makes perfect!


Children from Key Stage 2 were selected to sing at the Rugby League Four Nations Final at Anfield Football Stadium.  Go to 'Quick Links' on the main homepage and follow the link to 'Latest Updates' to see a clip of the children singing!  The children had to learn the New Zealand and Australian national anthems from memory including a 'Liverpool Mash Up' which was a collection of songs from Liverpool.  We even got to see some of the match! 



A number of children from Key Stage 2 entered a French Singing Competition and got through to the finals which were held at the Buille Hill Banquetting Suite. Go to 'Quick Links' on the main homepage and follow the link to 'Latest Updates' to see a clip of the children singing!  

The Key Stage 2 children performed "Hosanna Rock!" where the children told the story of the Nativity through song.  The concert was a great success and was very well attended by many!

Members of "Jozekidz!" sang at the Peace Proms which were held at The Echo Arena in Liverpool.  The children learnt a lot of songs from memory and performed with 2000 children from schools across the Liverpool and Greater Manchester area.  They sang infront of over 3000 people!  More pictures from the show can be viewed on the "Jozekidz!" webpage.   


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