Take to the sky! Our Balloon Adventure 2017

Date: 11th Apr 2017 @ 8:25pm

In History we have been learnng about changes in transport and different methods of transport such as Hot air balloons. So we decided to send our own balloons up into the sky and see how far they would travel... so we linked in some Geography work too and made predictions about how far they might travel and looked at maps too. 

Everyone had a partner and we wrote messages on them with our schools details on them so hopefully people will get in touch to say if and where they have found them.

It was quite a windy day for take off however.... we had a problem!

The labels we made were too heavy at first and even though we trimmed them down smaller, they were too heavy for the balloons so some didn't get very far and one or two even didn't manage to take off.... However... we came up with a new plan to change the labels and after a quick change of labels.... We finally got the balloons to take to the sky!!

It was great fun watching the balloons go up and who knows where they will land!

"I think mine will go up the mountains" Lilly

"It would be great if it flew to my house" Kasey

"I think it might go up to space!" Albie

"It could go 900 miles away!" Maja

We will keep you updated on where our balloons are found


Update 1:

3 Balloons found...... in Irlam! On Fiddlers Lane (Around the corner)

These balloons were in a tree, on the road and one was tied in the telephone wires! A local lady emailed us to tell us she had found them. 

We all think these must have been the heavy balloons and they have not travelled far because they were too heavy. 

Every has had a good science lesson about weight with our experiment today too!


Update 2 - 24th April 2017

A couple of days ago we had some emails to say that three balloons were found.

One of the balloons was found around the corner at Fiddler's Lane School. A caretaker called Mr Whitehouse emailed us to say he had found Jacob & Olly's balloon.

Again, it hasn't travelled very far but this one was one of the heavy balloons so we didn't think it would.

The second balloon found was Olivia and Bartosz's.

This was the message with it:
 "This morning Wednesday 12th April 2017 approximately 7.35 am. My Partner Mr John David Ward found a golden ribbon with a burst balloon attached to the card sender and address. I am so proud we have found it outside our front window. Hoping we have made someone happy. Here is the attachment. Regards Miss Jill Andrews"

The balloon travelled 57.1 miles to New Whittington in Chesterfield.

Our third message has come from Rotherham

We had an email from a school to say that had found it in their grounds - 63.5 Miles away!


We have replied to all the people to thank them for getting in touch and hope to see if any more are found.

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