Rocket Space Seeds Investigation

Date: 22nd Apr 2016 @ 12:04pm

Year 3 were very lucky to have been chosen to take part in a very special experiment!

We have been watching as Tim Peake and his team took care of some very special seeds whilst up on the International Space Station.
The seeds (Rocket) returned to earth, and last Monday we recieved a package full of information and with our precious 200 seeds. 
We have a blue and a red package (we're not sure which one went to space) and we must grow them and note down any differences and then after the 5 weeks is up, Tim Peake will announce from space which seeds went to space and which ones are from Earth.


We're very excited about this project! Keep checking back for updates on our seeds growth.

If you'd like to read more about this project then visit 

Tuesday 19th April 2016: We planted our Rocket Seeds!

Friday 22nd April 2016: We came into school today to find the first shoots appearing in both blue and red plants.

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Lillyt y4 wrote:

I bet planting rocket seeds is fun

Pawel wrote:

It is FUN!

Pawel wrote:

I am MEGA exited to see the effect of the plants!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pawel wrote:

The plants died!! D:


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